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    Rick Seaman is inviting all the directors at Nobulling2020 to come out for a very special day with his team of professional stunt drivers. We have some very special people coming out to support National Veterans Foundation in Willow Springs / Nobullying2020 / Next Stage Productions / Global Content Media / Bighead Entertainment Inc / Heaven 99.7 / Robin Petgrave Tommorow’s Aeronautical Museum in Compton Ca.

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    Rick’s class itinerary starts with basic in-car familiarization, slow speed driving, then working up to traffic speeds. As the class advances, the students are put into various stress situations and skill building drills. With Rick’s training formula, he has found this progressive, step-by-step approach to be very effective. “Personal attention in a private and controlled environment has been the key to our success”, says Rick. Traumatic brain injury is classified in three levels; mild, moderate and severe.
    Most of Rick’s students are moderate, although 2016, he trained a young man who was rated as severe, a rating that had never seen one with this impairment manage to get their driving privileges restored. Rick says,” I guess we beat the stat sheet with this young man, as he is now driving with a full, unrestricted drivers’ license.” (video available). Rick goes on to say, “ Regardless of whether these folks do get re-licensed or not, the most important result is that they get an opportunity to feel the joy and freedom of driving again. This creates hope for them, rather than despair. For our returning war veterans with TBI, this is the least that we can do.”

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